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The Pacific National Stopline

The Pacific National Stopline gives you the opportunity to report misconduct and other inappropriate or improper workplace issues to an external third party – anonymously if you wish.

The Pacific National Stopline is an independent service that you can contact to report potential or suspected breaches of the law, regulations, obligations, or if you do not feel comfortable reporting inappropriate or improper conduct related to Pacific National through the recommended channels (refer to the Pacific National Speak Up Procedure for other reporting options).

The Stopline is the preferred approach for whistleblower disclosures of reportable conduct, which may include (but is not limited to) misconduct, breaches of the law, serious or systematic policy breaches, negligent acts, or risks to public safety. Refer to the Whistleblower Policy for further information.

The service includes:

  • Dedicated hotline number, website, mail and email address for employees, contractors, and other stakeholders, to report suspected, potential, or actual incidents of inappropriate or improper conduct.
  • Expert forensic investigators taking the calls and analysing whistleblower disclosures.
  • Timely reporting of incidents to dedicated and appropriate representatives within Pacific National.

Stopline has been at the forefront of disclosure management services for over a decade and has partnered with some of Australia’s most iconic companies to assist them in demonstrating their commitment to supporting staff, contractors, and other stakeholders with demonstrable best practice corporate governance initiatives.