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The Pacific National Whistleblower Hotline

The Pacific National Whistleblower Hotline is an independent service run by Stopline that gives you the opportunity to report misconduct and other serious workplace issues – anonymously if you wish. The Pacific National Whistleblower Hotline is an independent service that you can contact to report suspected conduct which is:

  • in breach of the Code of Conduct;
  • illegal, dishonest, fraudulent or corrupt
  • in breach of legal obligations (e.g. legislation)
  • in serious breach of internal policy
  • unethical, such as dishonestly altering company records or data, adopting questionable accounting and taxation practices
  • unsafe and may cause serious harm to the public, the environment or the health and safety of any Pacific National person, and/or
  • any other conduct which represents misconduct or an improper state of affairs in relation to Pacific National, causes or may cause financial or non-financial loss to Pacific National or damage its reputation or is otherwise detrimental to Pacific National’s interests.

The Pacific National Whistleblower Hotline should not be used to report personal work-related grievances in relation to the whistleblower unless that grievance:

  • has significant implications for Pacific National;
  • represents a danger to the public or the financial system; or
  • concerns a breach, or suspected breach, of the Corporations Act 2001, Australian Securities and Investment Commission Act 2001 or of a Commonwealth law punishable by imprisonment for a period of 12 months or more.

The types of personal work-related grievances which may fall into categories above, meaning they can be reported to the Pacific National Whistleblower Hotline, include:

  • disclosures about systemic issues;
  • disclosures that include information about executive or board member involvement in workplace matters; and
  • disclosures that relate to a matter that could cause significant financial or reputational damage to Pacific National.

Personal work-related grievances in relation to you that do not fall within the above exceptions should be reported in accordance with the Grievance Resolution Policy. If you are unsure whether a matter should be reported to the Pacific National Whistleblower Hotline, please contact the Stopline.

The service includes:

  • Dedicated hotline number, website, fax, mail and email address for employees, contractors and other stakeholders to report suspected incidents of improper conduct.
  • Expert forensic investigators taking the calls and analysing disclosures.
  • Timely reporting of incidents to dedicated representatives within Pacific National.

Stopline has been at the forefront of disclosure management services for over a decade and has partnered with some of Australia’s most iconic companies to assist them in demonstrating their commitment to supporting staff, contractors and other stakeholders with demonstrable best practice corporate governance initiatives.

What happens next?

It does not matter how a concern is raised, once it reaches the experienced staff at Stopline, it is assessed by an experienced forensic investigator and the report is forwarded to the Pacific National Disclosure Coordinator who will also assess the disclosure and determine next steps in accordance with Pacific National policies and procedures. Your identity will be protected and you will be protected from retaliation in accordance with the Whistleblowing Policy if your report meets the requirements of that policy.

Each disclosure receives its own Unique Reference Number and even if the person making the disclosure prefers to remain anonymous, we encourage them to contact Stopline at regular intervals (we suggest each 2 weeks) to find out how their matter is progressing. Stopline staff will not divulge any information relating to a disclosure unless the person is able to provide sufficient information to identify them as the person who initially made the disclosure.

This process also assists if the Pacific National investigator appointed to oversee the matter has further queries to be put to the person making the disclosure – Stopline is able to facilitate questions and answers between the investigator and the person making the disclosure while protecting anonymity.

When the investigation is concluded, Stopline will be informed about the outcome and that finding will be recorded on our system.